Witnessing and missions

At PFLC you’ll hear stories of people serving people around the world.  Each month, some of the offering money is sent to missionary families and to the ELCA to support missionaries.  ELCA missionaries are helpers. The ELCA Global Mission unit defines mission work as walking together in solidarity that practices interdependence and mutuality. In this walk, gifts, resources and experiences are shared with mutual advice and admonition to deepen and expand our work within God’s mission. Missionaries from other countries are also at work within the US in our increasingly multicultural society.

PFLC also participates in God’s mission around the world through financial support of Lutheran World Relief, ELCA World Hunger, ELCA Disaster Relief (domestic and International), eight seminaries, 28 colleges and universities, social ministry organizations, outdoor ministries, campus ministries, advocacy with the United Nations, Lutheran World Federation and new and developing congregations.

For PFLC, a large part of witnessing is taking care of the needs of people.  These can be found on our Serving page.