Giving in faith

Thank you for your generous gifts! To make a one-time donation, choose either the Venmo, Paypal (@PoulsboFLC), or Tithely (PFLC’s giving platform) button below. You can set up recurring giving through Paypal or Tithely.


Paypal Church donations only

Please note: if you are paying for goods or contributing for the refugee family, you’ll need to use either Tithely or Venmo (use the comment box to define the purchase). If you are making a donation through PayPal, your donation receipt will come from PayPal, not from the church.
Giving is an important component of faith. In giving, we:

1. Recognize that all we have is a gift from God;
2. Recognize that God gives plenty, but our broken world has a distribution problem;
3. Recognize that we are always at risk of having money and goods becoming overly important in our lives;
4. Remove money and goods from the top spot in our core values;
5. Move to redistribute God’s bounty;
6. Help our neighbors at home and around the world; and
7. Demonstrate the love of Christ in a very real, tangible way to someone who needs to experience that love.

At PFLC, the leadership works hard to make every dollar count to help people experience the love of Christ. Donations to PFLC further the kingdom of God through partnerships with community social organizations, the community use of the PFLC campus, worship and caring ministries, and the hard work of the staff.

Thank you for your generous gifts! To make a one-time offering or set up recurring giving with a credit card or an EFT from your bank account, click on the “Give” button below.