Learning and teaching

The words of Jesus, the teachings of the prophets and apostles, and stories of God’s people have revealed God’s heart and hope.  The Holy Spirit transforms us through Scripture to become more Christ-like in our thoughts, feelings and actions. The learning ministries seek to help us hear God’s voice in Scripture.


At 9:45am on Sundays, there are many educational opportunities that  creatively engage kids and adults in bible stories and encourage them to live their faith.  All ages meet in the Social Hall in the upper building for a few minutes of sharing and caring for each other. High schoolers and adults break into bible study then, and  younger kids move into storytelling and activity time.

 Faith Formation

Mid-week Bible studies are offered through the women’s circles and other small groups.  All small group offerings are listed on the Fun and Support page.  Contact a pastor to arrange for baptismal or communion instruction.


Visit the Library (next to the Social Hall) for a wonderful selection of contemporary and classic books, tapes, and videos for children and adults.  Library committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 9:30am in the Library.

 Cradle Roll

PFLC sends a newsletter that equips parents to incorporate faith in to their family life so that infants and toddlers are bonded into the body of Christ.