The facility at PFLC consists of two buildings, three parking lots, and a cemetery. The lower building is the Christian Center (CC), used at various times as a worship space, a gym, a classroom, or a meeting space. With its industrial kitchen, the CC is also used for the annual lutefisk dinner, the community Thanksgiving dinner, and various other meals throughout the year. The upper building consists of the sanctuary built in 1906 but expanded and remodeled in 1959, an addition on the east end, and an addition to the north.  The east addition provided for Sunday School classrooms, a nursery, and a small sitting room. The north addition provided for offices, a library, a social hall and kitchen, more Sunday School classrooms, and two medium-sized rooms put to multiple purposes throughout the week.

In addition to housing the many congregational groups that meet here for Bible study or service, the facility also offers space for scouts, Poulsbo Lions, the city, North Kitsap High School music groups and parade set-up, several community groups, the Kitsap Quilters, Kitsap Homeschool, and Kitsap Literacy Council, to name just a few.

A group of people meet weekly to take care of ongoing maintenance of the facility.  Calling themselves the Monday Morning Ministry (MMM), they work hard each week to keep the building usable and comfortable for all.  The MMM recognize the potential of the building as a service opportunity in the community, a draw for tourists and genealogy searchers, and a picturesque part of downtown and historic Poulsbo.

signs detailing history of cemetery

The cemetery was established before the church building was built. A walk among the headstones provides a glimpse into Poulsbo’s history, from the 19th century to today. Find-a-Grave has a catalog of all the headstones in the PFLC cemetery. These signs by the west entrance to the cemetery just outside the church building provide historic information about people and graves and lives lived since the late 1800s.