PFLC’s COVID response

Worship will continue to be offered online in some form. Links to the worship resources will remain on the front webpage of

Because of the gathering restrictions, PFLC buildings are closed, and all events are cancelled until further notice. We take the ministry of space very seriously, but we are also committed to the health of the community at large. Scientists are telling us in no uncertain terms that the best way of slowing the spread of this virus is to keep physical distance. We encourage the groups that meet here to find a way to meet in cyberspace.
Generosity is going to be a key characteristic of living through and recovering from this social isolation. This is creating a crisis for so many people.
  • The helping services in the community need your continued financial support.
  • PFLC is still providing spiritual and emotional support, even from afar, and we are dedicated to fulfilling our community financial commitments as well. Thank you for your ongoing attention to your faith practice of giving.
  • The small business owners in our community need your generosity. As much as you are financially able, remember to continue to support our neighbors. You can purchase gift cards for later use (but current cash flow for the business). You can order take-out from local restaurants. You can call your local stores and make appointments to come in and shop by yourself or pick up pre-selected items.
  • See how the ELCA and Lutheran Disaster Response are responding to the COVID-19 crisis. At the bottom of that page, check out the ways you can be part of the response.
Keep things as normal as possible by continuing your faith practices:
  • Worship. We are hoping to continue to offer ways to participate in worship services remotely. You can also read archived sermons at by hovering on the “Sunday Morning” menu and clicking on “Sermon Archive.”
  • Scripture study. Keep reading that scripture! Click the email link to download Sharing God’s Story @ Home. Go to and click on the Narrative Lectionary tab for some great commentary on the text for each Sunday.
  • Prayer. You’ll receive an email with a link to the Parish News. Pray for those affected by COVID-19. Go through the church directory and pray for the people listed there.
  • Fellowship. OK, admittedly, this one is a little more difficult as we try to limit human contact! But you can still use your phone, social media, or email to engage in supportive conversation with your neighbor. Try not to spread panic or misinformation, but instead use this opportunity to strengthen our community through building up and supporting one another.
  • Witnessing. In this time of limited contact, consider using digital platforms to share your faith: email, social media, texting, etc.
  • Serving: Each week, you’ll see our serving emphasis on our Facebook page. Spend some time focusing on these ministries.
  • Giving. Easy peasy! Click “Giving as faith practice” at the very top of this page. There you’ll find a way to give online. Now it is especially important that we keep up our giving so we can continue to serve our neighbor through the staff, benevolences, and ministries of PFLC.