Glossary of PFLC terms

This page is still under construction.  Contact the webmaster if there’s a term used on the website or in worship that you would like to see defined.

Here are some terms you’ll hear often around PFLC:

mission: A Christian’s mission is to tell and show people they know the love of God in Christ.  A congregation’s mission is the same, but a congregation does it together as a group.  A congregation might display God’s love through service projects, donations to charities, working with other community groups, and intentionally supporting people going through difficult times.

vocation: You might have heard this word used interchangeably with “occupation”, but vocation is a broader concept. Occupation is what you do to earn money, vocation is your purpose in life. Christian vocation is to serve God and neighbor. That’s it. Serve. In every moment of every day, to pay attention to the people and creation around us, and work for their benefit.

baptismal calling: In baptism, not only does God gift us with forgiveness and salvation, God also gives us a purpose, a vocation, a life that Jesus calls “abundant”, filled with joy (but not necessarily happiness), direction (though sometimes we can’t see it clearly), and blessing (though not of the material kind). (See vocation)







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